Exhibition Dudok in Izmir: A Dutch Architect's Lost Dream

Exhibition Dudok in Izmir: An Architect's Lost Dream

The exhibition shows the unrealized designs of Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok (1884-1974) for the city of Izmir for the very first time. We show not only the many drawings he made, but also models of the main buildings and the Turkish masterplan for the Konak Square in the centre of town. With the opening on Konak Square we introduce Dudok's ideas for Izmir to a large audience.

Friday 13 October 2017 : Opening on Konak Square, Izmir

12.00 Official opening of the exhibition Dudok in Izmir: An Architect's Lost Dream

by deputy mayor and architect Muzaffer Tuçağ of the Izmir Municipality Dutch cultural attaché Quirine van der Hoeven.

14.00 Two day symposium 13 & 14 October FROM DUDOK TO THE 21st CENTURY: REDESIGNING THE CITY
Chamber of Architects, Izmir branch, 1474 Sokak, No:9

13-18 October 2017: Exhibition on Konak Square, Izmir

19 - 26 October 2017: Exhibition in Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Centre, Izmir

November 2017: Exhibition in Bilkent University, Ankara (TBC)

Exhibition subjects:

Willem Marinus Dudok (1884-1974) : This segment will tell the story of who he was and what he did, with examples of his work in the Netherlands and elsewhere, citations, photographs and a short minute introduction video. In the surroundings of this module we will find a model of the Snelliusschool in Hilversum, the Netherlands

Dudok in Izmir : In this segment we will concentrate on Dudok's visit to Izmir, his designs for the city and the research which let to this exhibition. With facsimiles of his drawings, photographs, letters and maps. With a video of the 3D reconstruction of the Cultural Centre en the models of the Cultural Centre and the Seaside, as well as a smaller scale model of Dudok's design for the City Hall